On August 17, 2011, the Civil Service Law was amended, "in relation to establishing the qualifications of director of facilities of school districts by the department of civil service." and required the New York State Department of Civil Service to establish minimum qualifications and class specifications (job descriptions) for positions of Director of Facilities I, II, and III in school districts and to hold one statewide examination for all such positions. Civil Service Law was also amended to prohibit the imposition of residency requirements on applicants for these examinations and the use of preference in certification by school districts when requesting certifications from the eligible lists.

The Civil Service Law was again amended in August 2014 to allow for promotion examinations to be held in addition to the statewide open-competitive examinations for positions of Director of Facilities I, II and III.

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The next Director of Facilities examination series will be January 28, 2023. Refer to this step-by-step process to sign up for a state exam.


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For questions and answers regarding the DOF examinations, visit the Civil Serevice frequently asked questions page.

Information for Promotion Applicants 

There are special terms and conditions associated with promotion examinations for Director of Facilities I, II and III. Current school district employees interested in promotion are required to apply for both the promotion examination announced by their local civil service agency and the corresponding statewide open-competitive examination held by the New York State Department of Civil Service. In addition, promotion applicants are directed to complete the Promotion Applicant Certification Form and provide it to their local civil service agency at the time of application. The last day to file applications for the statewide open-competitive examinations to be held on January 5, 2019 was November 16, 2018.

Contact Your Municipal Civil Service Agency 

Municipal Civil Service Commissions and Personnel Officers are responsible for administering the merit system in local government. Information about both the open-competitive and promotion-eligible lists can be obtained from your local civil service agency.

Test Guide 

Test Guide - this resource was made available to assist candidates for the Director of Facilities examinations with the types of questions and the format of examinations.