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One way SFA can help your school district is through our Facilities Assessment Program.

The program provides a proactive approach to optimizing your school’s facilities management plan. A team of education and facilities professionals travels to your district to assess your buildings and grounds and interview district stakeholders.

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Why Consider a Facilities Assessment?

Following are some basic reasons to consider a Facilities Assessment:

  • To gain an outside, unbiased opinion and measurement of the stated school district objectives against actual results and achievements.
  • To access the facilities operations and organization as identified by educational institution objectives and commonly accepted professional practices of facilities management in primary and secondary education.
  • To guide the facilities organization in conducting a detailed analysis and evaluation of departments/units responsible for delivering high quality facilities services.
  • To assist the educational institution in determining appropriate perspectives of the facilities operations and the levels of customer satisfaction.

References are available from the NYSSFA office.

Steps in the Program

  1. School completes online application.
  2. A Facilities Assessment Committee calls applicant to discuss goals.
  3. NYSSFA develops a contract and sends a letter and summary of the process to applicant.
  4. A self-evaluation is sent to school administrators and/or stakeholders such as the superintendent, school business official and principal.
  5. On-site evaluation takes place.
  6. Committee members submit a draft report in text-only form, along with photos. A PowerPoint presentation is also developed for use at school board meetings, etc. upon completion of the report.
  7. The Final Assessment Report and PowerPoint are sent to applicant.

This process takes approximately 8-12 weeks from initiation through site visit. The written report takes 4-8 weeks from the date of visit. An evaluation team can complete the assignment in a shorter time if supporting information and data is provided early.Complete the online application.

The Analysis

Analyses are conducted using accepted standardized criteria and data. General areas of analysis include:

  • Range of facilities services
  • Budgeting
  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing levels
  • Work planning, Capital planning
  • Safety and security
  • Quality of service
  • And more

Providing a Road Map

The end product of the Assessment is a comprehensive set of recommendations for an improved, efficient and cost-effective facilities management organization.

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