The third vice president and treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of Active, current members who may vote either at the annual conference or by absentee ballot.  Nominations for the position of third vice president and treasurer must be submitted in writing to the State Nominating Committee no later than May 30 each year for the Third Vice President and May 30 preceding the conclusion of the Treasurer’s three-year term.

Active members not attending conference are encouraged to vote by absentee ballot.  To obtain an absentee ballot, Active members email a request to in early September to receive an Absentee Ballot Request form. This form must be filled out and mailed back to NYSSFA by the date on the form. Association headquarters will process requests and email absentee ballots upon receipt.

Once the ballot is received, the Active member completes and mails the ballot to Association headquarters, postmarked by the date on the ballot.  Ballots received after that date will not be counted and will be destroyed without opening. Photocopied and faxed ballots will not be accepted.  Ballots must be addressed as noted on the ballot and include the member’s name and return address on the envelope.  When counted, absentee ballots are separated from envelopes and confidentiality is preserved.