SFA/SFMI hosts a series of events that occur each year. What follows is an overview. For dates of upcoming meetings and events, please click here for the SFA calendar. (Emily – this calendar is currently being created by Shannon and will be on the website homepage when complete)

Mid to late February - Legislative Update Webinar

Our lobbying firm provides a webinar each year to update the membership on latest legislative and regulatory developments, and prepare Association leaders and members coming to Advocacy Day. In addition to information about current political developments, presenters review talking points and SFA’s position on legislation and policy affecting school facilities.

Early March – Advocacy Day in Albany

Chapter leaders have the responsibility of promoting Chapter-member attendance in order to have all 17 chapters represented at the Association’s annual Advocacy Day program. SFA lobbyists schedule meetings for members with the legislators from their local districts. Members are provided talking points and position papers that address the Association’s position on the NYS proposed budget and legislation and regulations impacting school facilities management.

Early March – Critical Issues Summit in Albany

This day of learning is held at the NYS Education building. It is open to all members and includes presentations on hot topics and an interactive session with NYSED’s Office of Facilities Planning.

Early May – Leadership Weekend

Association and chapter leaders gather to learn, collaborate and advance the goals of the Association. A full Board meeting is also scheduled. All Chapter leaders are asked to attend.

August – Coalition Meetings

The Executive Committee and Legislative Committee Chair meet with the leaders of school associations in order to build coalition partners and collaboration on matters of mutual concern. Meetings are typically held with leaders of NYSSBA, NYSASBO, NYSCOSS, SAANYS and NYSUT among others.

October – Conference & Expo

The Annual Conference and Expo is designed to help school facilities directors from across the state to stay up-to-date with current issues and events affecting job responsibilities. This highly interactive, peer-to-peer event focuses on the latest technologies, policies and programs presented by knowledgeable speakers recognized as experts in their fields. The conference program includes the largest School Facilities Expo in New York State. This is an excellent opportunity to see first-hand the industry’s latest products and services.

November – SFMI Planning Meeting

This meeting involves the SFA/SFMI Executive Committees and SFMI Board of Directors who gather to evaluate educational programming from the prior year, review member evaluations and develop a course of action for the next year.

Early December – Academy

The Academy currently rotates four different tracks with the Managers' Academy track being offered each year and one additional track offered simultaneously. The second tracks include Effective Communication, Personnel Management and Security and Emergency Management. No matter if a person is new to the field or a seasoned professional, this small group training provides valuable information and a real-life exchange of need-to-know information.

Webinar Series

Webinars are scheduled throughout the year on various topics that are timely and of concern. They have included compliance issues, IPM, health and safety, purchasing, government affairs and more. Visit the SFMI site for latest webinar schedule.

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Upcoming Events

Legislative Update Webinar - Monday, February 27 at 2pm

Advocacy Day - Tuesday, March 7, Albany
The New York State Legislature needs to hear a unified message from our Directors of Facilities!

Critical Issues Summit - Wednesday, March 8, Albany
Think Globally, Acting Locally to Achieve Your School Facility Goals!

Managing Nuisance Geese Webinar - 12-1pm, Thursday, March 30


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