BOC Training

The Fundamentals of Energy Efficient Building Operations teaches building operators the basic principles of energy efficiency awareness and practices in commercial buildings. This course is for facilities personnel who are new to building operations, not directly involved in equipment maintenance, and those in management and supervisory roles.

Utilizing core Building Operator CertificationĀ® (BOC) concepts, this training focuses on efficient operations and strengthens building optimization skills. The training is intended to complement other on-the-job training and experience and to provide a general awareness of building operations fundamentals from an energy efficiency perspective. Registration deadline is February 15.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Achieve general awareness of facilities and instilled efficiency ethic
  • Reinforce BOC concepts
  • Strengthen building optimization skills
  • Identify areas for energy savings
  • Make energy-smart decisions in day-to-day tasks

Online course dates from 9 a.m.-12 noon daily:

  1. Tuesday 3/9 - Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Overview. 
  2. Thursday 3/11 - HVAC Fundamentals.
  3. Tuesday 3/23 - Lighting Fundamentals.
  4. Thursday 3/25 - Energy Conservation Opportunities.
  5. Tuesday 4/13 - Indoor Environmental Quality.
  6. Thursday 4/15 - Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance & Part 7: Conclusion: Putting It All Together.

This training series is delivered in real-time by a highly trained instructor using the web conferencing platform, Zoom.

Trainees participate from the convenience and safety of their home or office using only a computer connected to the Internet; a web camera and microphone are strongly encouraged. All course manuals, workbooks, and supplemental resources are mailed to trainees prior to the first class.

Classes occur on a defined schedule, each lasting approximately three hours. Students take part in a mix of instructor-led presentations, group discussions and exercises, quiz-style knowledge checks, and more for an interactive learning experience. 

Training is valued at $995 and tuition is covered by the New York State Schools Facilities Association thanks to a NYSERDA Workforce Training Grant.

Download an informational flyer here.