SFA is proud to host 18 chapters across New York State. Regular chapter involvement in monthly meetings and events provides a forum for the exchange of timely information, building strong professional relationships, and opportunities for advancement in your field and professional organization. Many chapters have monthly guest speakers and hold annual custodial workshops.

Topics might include:

Rescue standards
Irrigation of athletic fields
Staff ratios
Lead abatement
Mold remediation
Preparing for summer projects
State regulations
Best cleaning practices
Roof maintenance and repair
Boiler optimization
Conflict resolution
Employee motivation


Whatever the specifics, chapter participants exchange information on pressing local issues, and serve as a source of mutual support. Chapters also provide opportunities to learn about new vendor products and services, and connect with the state Association.


"When I need the local angle on industry trends, I go right to my chapter. The things I learn there just aren't available anywhere else."

Frederick Koelbel, Retired
Plant Facilities Administrator and Director of Transportation
Port Jefferson UFSD


Who We Are

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Members join a chapter by first becoming a member of the State Association. For more information about chapter membership, please get in touch with the Association office at info@nyssfa.com or call us at 800.359.7242 or contact a Chapter president. Please join today!

Find out who your chapter leaders are.

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The printed version of the map is $111.56 (includes printing, shipping & handling). You may also download a high-resolution PDF of the map here. Email Association headquarters at info@nyssfa.com to order yours today!