The following sample meeting agenda is based on a Robert's Rules of order format. Each Chapter is structured differently, so feel free to adapt to your Chapter's specific practices.



  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes (Important things happened in your previous meeting. Before you do anything else, make sure that everyone agrees with the record of that meeting)
  3. Committee Reports (Your leadership team should be working in the time between membership meetings, and you need to hear what they’ve been up to before you venture into making too many decisions)
    1. Membership (or other committees specific to your chapter)
    2. Education
    3. Finance
  4. Old Business (Before you do anything else, you need to finish up what you already started. This is the time to get back to the postponed motions and any business that was pending when your previous meeting adjourned)
  5. New Business (If time permits, you can broach the subject of new business. You’ve done the wise thing by waiting until you’ve taken a shot at all the other stuff. )
  6. Guest Speaker (if desired)
  7. Adjourn


*Adapted from