Honorary Members

Jack Babcock, CDF
State Association President, 1991
Retired from Cornwall CSD

Brian Bentley, CDF
State Association President, 2012
Retired from GST BOCES

William Blosser, CDF
State Association President, 2011
Retired from Monroe Woodbury CSD

Gary DeLellis, CDF
State Association President, 2002
Retired from SmartEdge USA

Robert Eisenberg
State Association President, 1971
Past State Secretary
Retired from Rush Henrietta CSD

Joseph Hammond, CDF
State Association President, 2009
Retired from Liverpool Central School District

Carl Hutchinson
Former State Association Secretary
Retired from Brainbridge CSD

Alfred Jones
State Association President, 1984
Retired from Chautauqua CSD

Thomas Keenan, CDF
State Association President, 2001
Retired from Binghamton City School District

Joseph Kral, CDF
State Association Second Vice President, 2006;
Third Vice President, 2005

Warsaw CSD

William Kukoleca
Former State Director
Retired from Lackawanna CSD

Vito Nicotera
State Association President, 1970
Retired from Utica CSD

James O'Beirne, CDF
Executive Director, Nassau NYSSFA
State Association Third Vice President, 2004
Former State Director
Retired from Malverne UFSD

Chris Ouderkirk, CDF
State Association President, 2010
Retired from Sandy Creek CSD

Everett Quinn
State Association President, 1962
Retired from Katonah-Lewisboro CSD

Stanley Polmateer
State Association President, 2004
Retired from Rush-Henrietta CSD

Peter Riggi, CDF
State Association President, 2005
Retired from Lansingburgh CSD

Michael Sheehan, CDF
State Association President, 1996
Retired from Baldwin UFSD

Dennis Sheridan
Nassau County Chapter Director, 2008 and 2009
Retired from Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD

Claude "Tink" Wright, Jr.
State Association President, 2013
Retired from Hadley-Luzerne CSD 

The following members are recognized posthumously for their contributions to our Association:

C. Stanton Baltzel
Bureau Chief, Facilities Planning Department
NYS Education Department

Patrick Cochrane
State President, 2000
Former State Director

Charles Courtney
State President, 1990
Retired from Vestal CSD

William B. Haessig
Director of Facilities Planning
NYS Education Department

Victor 'Ted' Mauro
State President, 1971
Former State Secretary
Retired from East Rochester CSD


President's Award Recipients

2023 Patty Cerio, AADC, OHM BOCES

2022 Matt Erwin, North Syracuse CSD

2021 Perry Sheldon, Retired, Red Hook CSD

2020 Mike Sheehan, CDF, Retired, Baldwin UFSD, Past President 1996

2019 Tony Dario, E.A. Morse

2018 Brian Bentley, CDF, GST BOCES

2017 David Martin, CDF, Eden CSD

2016 Mike Cocca, SFMI Program Director, Association Development Group, Inc.

2015 Chris Ouderkirk, CDF, Sandy Creek CSD

2015 William Price, CDF, Fulton City SD

2014 Claude "Tink" Wright, Hadley-Luzerne CSD

2014 Vincent Sicignano, Skaneateles CSD

2013 Brian Bentley, CDF, Greater Southern Tier BOCES

2012 David Brooks, Malone CSD

2011 Peter Riggi, CDF, Schuylerville CSD

2010 Fred Koelbel, Port Jefferson UFSD

2010 Joe Hammond, CDF, Liverpool CSD

2009 Carl Thurnau, P.E., NYSED Office of Facilities Planning

2008 Andrew Jackson, CDF, Walton CSD

2008 Gary DeLellis, CDF, Jamestown CSD

2007 Joseph Kral, CDF, Warsaw CSD

2006 Stanley Polmateer, Rush-Henrietta CSD

2005 John Ness, Somers CSD

2005 Richard Roberts, CDF, Monroe-Woodbury CSD

2004 Patrick Cochrane, Pearl River CSD

2004 Paul Gaffney, Watertown CSD

2003 Joseph Kral, CDF, Warsaw CSD

2002 Carl Thurnau, P.E., NYSED

2001 Allan Wakefield, CDF, East Williston UFSD

2000 Stanley Polmateer, Rush-Henrietta CSD

1999 Michael Sheehan, CDF, Baldwin CSD

1998 John T. Babcock, CDF, Cornwall CSD

1997 Charles Szuberla, NYSED

1996 Richard Monaco, CDF