Association Excellence since 1954

1954 - Frank Gilson and Dr. Foster Brown discussed the need for better maintenance programs in the state's public schools. Mr. Gilson was a professional engineer and Supervising Architect for the NYS Education Department. Dr. Brown was the President of Oswego State College.

Mid 1950s - New York state was building more than 100 million dollars worth of school buildings per year outside of the larger cities. Dr. Foster Brown agreed to host a conference at Oswego College. Dr. Brown thought it would prove worthwhile if 15 school districts participated. Attendance exceeded expectations!

1957 - Art Goodwin served as the First President of the New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds (SBGA) until 1959.

1959 - The Association's leadership designated a first vice president to automatically become president the following year, as well as serve as conference program chair.

1959-1970 - Oswego College hosted the SBGA Annual Conference.

1964 - SBGA began publication of its newsletter. The newsletter continues to be an important source of information to the membership.

1971 - The executive committee decided to move the conference to various SUNY College sites around the state.

1972 - The Association created the position of executive secretary. The executive secretary's role was to provide a base of communication and operation for the association during the periods of the conference. Victor "Ted" Mauro was the first executive secretary.

1975 - Harry Dickson succeeded Victor "Ted" Mauro as executive secretary and Carl Hutchinson succeeded him in 1977.

1979 - The executive committee recognized the need to grow and expand Association services. SBGA retained the services of the Associations Plus Division of the Valhalla-based company Organized Business Techniques, Inc. The company's co-owners Fred Hack and Marie T. Rossi, CAE, became SBGA's first executive director. Upon Fred Hack's untimely passing, Marie Rossi continued to serve as the Association's executive director.

1980 - The Association established seventeen chapters throughout the state with a state director elected from each chapter to serve on the board of directors.

Mid-1980s - A Job Bank was established to fill vacant positions throughout the state. The Association established a new Affiliate Member category. Several publications were developed and distributed. Training videos were made available through the Association.The Association's leadership gathered annually at a "Leadership Weekend."

1990 - The Certified Director of Facilities (CDF) program was introduced to provide opportunities for professional recognition and growth. CDF Committee Chairman Jack Babcock, CDF, developed the program over a two-year period.

Mid-1990s - SBGA's leadership extended its member benefits to include a scholarship program for children of SBGA members. Six $1,500 scholarships are awarded each year.

1996 - The following Annual Conference Traditions began:

  • The first President's Award was given
  • Membership pins were distributed
  • Chapter gift baskets were raffled during the banquet

Late 1990s - A Peer Review program was developed to use experienced school facilities managers and other professionals to conduct on-site evaluations of school facility departments.

  • A Legal Assistance Program was developed to provide on hour of legal consultation to Active members.
  • To keep pace with technology and enhance member benefits, SBGA created a web site, e-mail and broadcast systems; and computer labs were offered at conferences.

2001 - Recognizing the need to have a more vocal and visible presence among state lawmakers and policymakers, SBGA retained Carr Public Affairs to represent the interests of school facilities managers. Executive Director Marie T. Rossi, CAE, retired. Marie, who is also a nationally recognized public speaker and personnel trainer, represented SBGA for 23 years.

Late 2001 - SBGA moved its headquarters to Albany—just blocks from the New York State Capitol. The Association retained the services of the Association Development Group, Inc. The company's president, Kathleen A. Van De Loo, became SBGA's new executive director.

2002 - SBGA membership exceeds 1,000 members, for the first time.

2003 - The CDF Committee launched the Recertification Program. SBGA formed the School Facilities Management Institute, Inc. (SFMI), a non-profit organization created for the purpose of offering regional training programs on timely school facilities management issues.

2004 - The SBGA, SFMI and the Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) unveiled the School Facilities Management Certificate and Associates Degree Programs. The School Facilities Management Certificate program began in the Fall 04. The Associates Degree program expected began January 2005.

2005 - SBGA and SFMI host School Facilities Management Summit in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. with ten education leaders in the field serving on the panel and more than 250 directors of facilities and other key personnel in the audience.

2005 - (It Takes a Professional) PowerPoint Presentation on CD was sent to every member of the SBGA in an effort to promote the Director of Facilities and their responsibilities to the education community at large.

2006 - SBGA hosts its first legislative reception in conjunction with its annual Lobby Day at the New York State Legislative Office Building. More than 100 state lawmakers attended.

2014 - SBGA changes the Association name to New York State School Facilities Association (NYSSFA). New logo for the Association. 

2015 - The Association was instrumental in passing legislation that established NYS Civil Service qualifications for school district Director of Facilities (I, II, III) positions.  The Director of Facilities Law, passed in January 2015, included a state-wide exam, replacing all regional exams and streamlining the certification process.

2016 - The Association receives notification from the NYS Department of State's Division of Corporations and State Records of the official name change to New York State School Facilities Association, Inc. (NYSSFA).  The website and email address are updated to reflect the new domain name ( and

2019 - Serving as Third Vice President in beginning the fall of 2017, Kim Parahus, Director of Facilities, Hewlett Woodmere was welcomed as the Association's first female president at the 2019 School Facilities Conference in Saratoga Springs. Parahus was welcomed with a standing ovation among colleagues and family.


Past Presidents: 1954-2022

2023 Jeffrey Mochan
2022 Robert Schongar
2021 Kim Parahus
2020 Kim Parahus
2019 Paul Rooney
2018 Michael Coghlan, CDF
2017 Keith Langlotz
2016 Marty Abrams 
2015 Wayne Wideman, CDF
2014 Keith Watkins, CDF
2013 Claude "Tink" Wright
2012 Brian Bentley, CDF
2011 William Blosser, CDF
2010 Chris Ouderkirk, CDF
2009 Joe Hammond, CDF
2008 Tom Pollard, CDF
2007 Fred Koelbel
2006 David Brooks
2005 Peter Riggi, CDF
2004 Stanley W. Polmateer
2003 Randy Nolan, CDF
2002 Gary DeLellis, CDF
2001 Thomas Keenan, CDF
2000 Patrick E. Cochrane
1999 John L. Ness
1998 Allan Wakefield, CDF
1997 Timothy Furner, CDF
1996 Michael Sheehan, CDF
1995 David Piacente, CDF
1994 Richard Lee
1993 Richard Monaco, CDF
1992 Edward Bingham
1991 John Babcock, CDF
1990 Charles Courtney
1989 George A. Foster
1988 James W. Shepard
1987 Frederick Hill
1986 Joseph Bigart
1985 Stuart J. Samson
1984 Alfred F. Jones
1983 George Thamsen
1982 Thomas W. Slattery
1981 Robert C. Denk
1980 William A, Becker
1979 Keith Marshall
1978 Richard Maxcy
1978 Burton McFee
1977 Dan Galgano
1976 Hebert Faust
1975 Marquis Levine
1974 Harry Dickson
1973 Clarence Sebring
1970 Vito E. Nicotera
1969 Edward Zuchowski
1968 Robert Eisenberg
1967 Peter J. Beach
1966 Jay T. Vasbinder
1965 Everett D. Gorson
1964 Edward Callahan
1963 Charles Haight
1962 Everett Quinn
1961 Ed Stumpf
1960 Fred DeChristopher
1957-1959 Arthur Goodwin
1956 Ed Stumpf
1955 Ken Place
1954 Frank Gilson