Dear Colleagues and Friends: Schongar

Like all our colleagues in education, we have come through — and are still experiencing — some incredible times. During this COVID era, we've adapted to various forms of shutting down and opening up, sailing through rough waters of change while maintaining professionalism. We've made quick adjustments and carefully planned for the short- and long-term. Now that we’re entering a year of new beginnings, we can feel proud of the standards we’ve maintained and the service we’ve performed. And we can feel empowered by what we’ve learned.

There's no better example of putting learning into action than our Immediate Past President, Kim Parahus, and all the members of the SFA Executive Committee, who saw us through 2020 and 2021; I thank them for their leadership. During my tenure on the Board, I’ve been inspired by our organization's work at the state and chapter levels. Though the global pandemic forced us to approach our work differently, we kept a diligent eye on our goals and even forged new collaborations we can build on for the future.

My theme this year is RECOVER | REIMAGINE | REINVEST. As we continue to recover from the hardships imposed by the pandemic, it's a time to reimagine how to make our association stronger and in turn bring new ideas to our districts. We have the opportunity to reinvest not only in our facilities, but in our communities and in ourselves .

We now have a clearer picture of the resources to be managed, the constraints and needs demanding our creativity and leadership, and the necessity that we continue our professional development with the highest standards of health and safety. We must stay current for the sake of our students, families and communities. I encourage you to pursue ongoing education, mentor each other and consider embarking on one of our rigorous accreditation programs.

Last but not least, your chapter and state organization need you to be an active participant. By sharing our talents and perspectives, we all grow. Encourage others to join SFA and enjoy the learning and camaraderie you've come to know. I look forward to working together as we rise up from the shutdowns and reduce the distance between us.


Bob Schongar

Lansingburgh CSD