Keith L. HeadshotDear Colleagues and Friends,

There are handful of things that get better with age ... wine, a good pair of jeans, and for many, wisdom. We can also add to the list, the New York State School Facilities Association.

With each year, we see growth and advancements in our Association and, by extension, the work we do. Our advocacy, professional development, local and statewide connections, and the tools we use to tell our story are strong and have evolved along with us.

The passage of our Directors of Facilities legislation, and the corresponding work we have done to define the profession and the skills needed to succeed, were a major focal point for over ten years of our history. This was a great effort and well worth the time and energy of our dedicated members.

Our professional advancements and the evolving environment in which we are managing our school facilities today demands that we highlight the connection between our work and the success of students. There are many studies that directly correlate the clean, healthy and efficient environments we create and increased student achievement.

Upon becoming President in early October, I started my remarks by saying, everything we do impacts the kids. School Facilities Directors across our state are as invested in our students and our school districts as anyone else at the education table. We are deeply committed to our school communities, our communities at-large and the families we serve.

I would like to see us make those connections in everything we do, from advocacy to education and everything in-between; and to provide our members the tools they need to carry the message back home.

We are an association of doers. It is inherent in the work we do every day and reflected in our Association and its accomplishments. I call upon each member of the Association to keep "doing!" in a big way. I ask that you show up to State and Chapter meetings and events to connect with school facilities directors in neighboring communities. I invite you to reach out to non-members and help them understand the reasons you joined. Please keep our state association aware of developments and accomplishments at the local level, so we can all share in your success.

Our Association gets better with age, but not without each of us contributing from our past experience and current situations. It is my privilege to serve as President, and my great honor to work alongside you to accomplish our goals.

Best regards,

Keith Langlotz

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Legislative Update Webinar - Monday, February 27 at 2pm

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Critical Issues Summit - Wednesday, March 8, Albany
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Managing Nuisance Geese Webinar - 12-1pm, Thursday, March 30


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