Much more than four walls, a roof and a whiteboard, today's school buildings and campuses are extremely complicated—as is the job of maintaining them. As a result, today's directors of school facilities have myriad responsibilities requiring them to know engineering and architecture, health and safety, education, finance and human resource management.

The New York State School Facilities Association, Inc. (SFA) serves as a voice for more than 600 Directors of School Facilities, Facilities Managers, Head Custodians, Health and Safety Coordinators, and other key school facilities personnel.

The Association provides its members with professional development opportunities, legal advice, facilities resources, education and training and more.

Calling the Capital City home, SFA has maintained a vocal and visible presence among state lawmakers and policymakers. In addition, SFA has built strong partnerships with other key educational organizations in an effort to promote facilities managers and the importance of having strong maintenance programs at our schools.